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Annotated Bibliography Format

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Warning: This is a format page.  Do not write your content into this page.


Copy the following and paste into your own Annotate Bibliography page.  Or, when creating a new page, select the "Annotated Bibliography (Format Template)" for that page.


Copy between the dotted lines:


(Page Naming Convention: Bibliography by Your Name.  For example: "Bibliography by Alan Liu" Remove this line when you are done.)

Annotated Bibliography Assignment


By [your name, linked to your bio], [name of your team, linked to your team project page] Team


 1. [Citation for item 1--e.g., book, essay, software, art work, etc.] (in MLA style unless there is a reason to choose a different style). [See MLA Handbook. For rules and examples for citations of Web sites, see Transcriptions Guide to Evaluating and Citing Online Resources.]


[Annotation for item 1 here.  A 200-600 word objective description or abstract of the work, including quotations and links as necessary (aim for one double-spaced page as the average for each entry).  Descriptions should be tightly and carefully written.]


2. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]


3. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]


4. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]


5. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]




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