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Class 5 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business



Mapping Tools


1. Where We Are in the Argument of This Course: Review & Overview


  • Sir Thomas Wyatt, "They Flee From Me" (1557) [commentary by Ian Lancashire]


  • Alan's hand-annotated copy of "They Flee From Me" (.pdf file)


  • Franco Moretti, p. 1:   "But within that old territory, a new object of study: instead of concrete, individual works, a trio of artificial constructs--graphs, maps, trees--in which the reality of the text undergoes a process of deliberate reduction and abstraction.  'Distant reading' I have once called this type of approach; where distance is however not an obstacle, but a specific form of knowledge: fewer elements, hence a sharper sense of their overall interconnection.  Shapes, relations, structures.  Forms.  Models."


2. What is a model?

              Willard McCarty, Humanities Computing (pp. 21-22) (cf., Moretti on maps as models, 53-54) 



  •  What models share with other forms of representation.


  • What is unique about models?

    • (McCarty, pp. 25-26)


3. What is modelling? 


  •     (McCarty, p. 22)






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