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Corinna Contreras

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F*** It....

- Most Likely Everyone

The Famous Beer Pong Table In Its Full Fluorescent Glory

     As the rays from a young spring sun played outside, a young mother going through the pains of labor for the first time ejected from herself a new life in the form of a baby girl. On this nineth day of April in the year 1988, the first page of Corinna Contreras' biography began collecting experiences, words, images, and sounds. Born in the Southern Californian city of San Diego, her family took their new born child back to their home in the north San Diego county city of Vista, CA where she was raised. Two and a half years later a younger brother joined the family, finally ending Corinna's reign as the only grandchild. Making her way through the Vista Unified School District, Corinna graduated from Vista High School in 2006, only to continue her education about three and a half hours north of that school at the University of California, Santa Barbara. At UCSB she concluded that pursuing a degree in something one loves dearly both rewards the heart and nourishes the mind simultaneously, and therefore, is currently majoring in both Film and Media Studies and Sociology. With the belief that eveything has an expiration date, Corinna lives everyday like every moment actually counts (well for the most part :).   

                                                            Some of her favorite activities include the usual nerdy activites of reading and writing but also playing guitar, drawing, painting, watching comdies and cooking. According to Corinna, the greatest sin is believing that life is too long, dull, or worthless because if you do it right you'll actually enjoy living your life and find it much too short.



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