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Eric Moylan

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Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.

- Lance Armstrong

Eric Moylan was born in Limerick, Ireland, on the 9th of October 1987. The youngest of three brothers, Eric spent the first eighteen years of his life in his hometown. Here he undertook a variety of sports and found that he had a deep rooted passion for all sports. He eventually settled on rugby as his game of choice and still currently plays.


Eric was educated by the Jesuits at Crescent College Comprehensive. It was here he also developed a taste for writing and decided to pursue it as a career. He subsequently left Ireland for Scotland in 2006 to undertake a double major in Journalism and Sport Studies.


In September 2008, Eric was given the opportunity to spend a year abroad as an EAP student in UCSB. He jumped at the chance. When Eric finishes his year in California, he will complete his last year of his four year degree in Stirling. After that Eric hopes to begin a career in journalism, preferably in features writing.


Aside from sport and writing, Eric likes to socialize, travel and read. 

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