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Katie S Joyce

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"It's the indescribable conglomeration that makes San Francisco a poem without meter, a symphony without harmony, a painting without reason---a city without an equal."

- Herb Gwen






     Katie Joyce was born on December 14, 1988 in Burlingame, California which is located along the peninsula of the bay area. She attended an all girls catholic high school and later continued her education at UC Santa Barbara. Originally, Katie was a pre-biology major, but decided sophomore year to persue an anthropology major instead. She is still taking science classes in order to fulfill prerequisites to get into dental school. In the summers she works at her uncle's dental practice, "Sansome Dental," which is located in the financial district of downtown San Francisco. She plans on running her own dental practice in San Francisco in the next 7-8 years.  



     Katie enjoys traveling whenever possible. Her most recent travels include two trips to Mexico (one via cruise ship), Hawaii over winter break, and her family usually goes to Ireland every year in the summer. Other interests of Katie's include snowboarding, hiking, practicing yoga, ping pong, playing tetris, cooking, playing basketball, (water polo in high school), playing pool, going to basketball and football games and her current recreational reading is the Twilight series.


(Katie and Jerry Rice from the 49ers!)



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