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Team Projects

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Project Page

Team Members      (See Team Pictures)


(Gannt Chart)

Presentation Date
Love You Forever Project
J J Calica, Katie Joyce, David Rotlisberger   March 12
The Venetian Project Ryan Cadinha, Lillian Lim, Kristina Moore, Jason Wong   March 10
The Little Prince Project Avram Baer, Christian Borneman, Courtney Preston, Joanna Macapagal Click Here  March 12
Harrison Bergeron Project Corinna Contreras, Valerie Liu, Diane Phan   March 10
Mapping Velocity Project Jen Duncan, Binnur ErbilEric Moylan, Adrianna Quetin   March 12


Add the title of your Team Project page (e.g., Macbeth Project) to the list below (in alphabetical order), then link it to a new page that you create using the Team Project Page Format.

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